Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Birthday and a Sort Out

Friday was OH's birthday.  He is now 65 years old too and, yes, I did marry a toyboy, all of 9 weeks younger than me ;)  He started the day opening his cards and presents from our DD and friends.  He had a lovely new sweater from DD and gift vouchers from my brother and some friends.  Another dear friend and my Sister both sent him scratchcards, they weren't winners but gave us both a frisson of excitement as he scratched the coating (must get out  Then we went out for a lovely carvery lunch at our favourite place.  I drove so that OH could have a birthday drink but it was lovely :)  He has now declared that this is our year of minimalism.  Regular tidying up, getting rid of stuff we don't need or never use (I'm still not sure that this includes his shed...I will keep you updated with that little problem...) but he threw out his holey socks declaring that he is too old to wear socks with holes...good grief...that is a first!

So, yesterday I cleared a couple of cupboards out and took two big bags of books to the charity shop along with bits of pottery and china which have been sitting in the cupboard for 5 years, unused since we moved here.  There was so much that it took two trips to and from the car as they were too heavy for me to carry all at once.  I sorted my music CDs too and have a package ready for Music Magpie to collect tomorrow.  They will, hopefully, give me a little cash for them.  When I did the reverse Advent I struggled to find things to give away towards the end so it shows I am being more ruthless when pushed.

Starting tomorrow I will sort out clothes and recycle or donate as appropriate. Watch this space....

Who else is clearing out this year? Minimizing?  And don't you feel better for it?

Thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Belated birthday wishes to your hubby, mine has a birthday next Sunday, and guess what he is going to be 65, I am alot younger only 47 , age makes no difference, we have been together for 25 years and married for 22.
    I must look into Music Magpie, I am currently going through all cd's working out what to keep, so if I could make a few extra pennies that would be good. I am doing more sorting out next week as well.

  2. I've donated 62 items this week,which is a good start, but there is a lot more ' stuff' to go!

  3. Clearing out is never ending. Just as I think I'm getting there, I find something else that I don't want.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I'm glad I'm not alone in still finding extraneous 'stuff' to 'let go of ' :)