Saturday, 20 September 2014

Charity Shops and Project 333

Hi Folks,

I thought I would just show you what I bought at the charity shop on Thursday...

This lovely hardback book cost me just £1.49 and it's a step closer to learning how to do patchwork. As a bonus there are some cross stitch designs in there too. Now I do know how to do cross stitch although it's been years since I actually did any.  It was a real bargain.  I actually went into the CS to see if I could find any nice bric a brac to sell on eBay so that I can save for a sewing machine but there was hardly anything.  I used to find shelf after shelf of really nice stuff but now each shop seems to have just two shelves with a few plain glasses and some holiday junk.  What has happened?  Perhaps they find clothing more lucrative to sell? There did seem to be an enormous amount in every CS mostly priced at ridiculously high prices too.  There were some quite plain tee shirts priced at £4 and when you think I bought a new one from Sainsbury's for £3.20 when they had a 20% off sale-day recently, I didn't fancy paying their price.

Project 333

I have been reading up on Project 333 with a view to sorting out my wardrobe into a wearable capsule one but I have had a bit of a day of reckoning today.  I am shocked to discover that lots of my clothes have become very tatty without my realising it.  I think the idea of the project is to have 33 decent items per season which all work together.  My TOTAL wardrobe consists of 27 items plus lots of costume jewellery :-/   I have:

1 short waterproof
1 fleece duffle
1 black mock suede (for best) but at least 7 years old

3 jumpers
3 cardis
1 hoodie
5 tee shirts
1 3/4 sleeve blouse

2 black
2 jeans
1 navy
1 black jeggings

Black flats
Grey suede pixie boots
Black low heeled boots
White toe post sandals           TOTAL 27 items

The rest of my stuff is just suitable for gardening, housework and dossing in!  You don't count nightwear, undies or socks and I have discounted my lovely warm but tatty snowclearing coat.  I don't have a dress, skirt or decent blouse to my name, I am ashamed to say. Somehow I don't think I qualify for Project 333 but I realise I do need to save a bit of money for something new for Christmas day, at least.  When did I become so careless about clothes? 


  1. Charity shops are expensive now, I go to carboots and find stuff to resell on ebay, I have put a few more things on today, but to get the free listings I need another 75 items, I have no chance.If you want to learn about patchwork and quilting Frugal Queen has a tutorial, this was how I made my first quilt. If I can do it I'm sure you can, lol

    1. Thanks, HH, I did watch Frugal Queen's tutorial and it so inspired me to have a go. Well done on making your first quilt! And good luck with eBay too.

  2. I have looked at project 333 but done nothing about it. I do wear every bit of clothing that I have and my rule is, 1 in = 1 out. I do have several pairs of shoes and sandals and 3 pairs of boots thanks to Hotter having some really good reductions and 3 for 2 offers this year. I will not be buying foot wear for some time now.

    1. Aren't Hotter shoes comfy, Pam. I know they are pricy but all of mine (except the sandals) are Hotter and were bought in the sale at various times. Regarding clothes, I think I need to recycle the worst of them and buy a couple of key pieces to pull the rest together. Perhaps then I won't look so much like a bag lady! Strange that none of the family have commented adversely on my appearance. Perhaps they haven't noticed how tatty I am becoming

  3. I'm in the same situation as you ! I have a major wardrobe malfunction, had to prioritize work clothes so have a basic set of clothes for that, working on the rest of it! and I agree with you on CS prices, I only but if its a good make now and is a definate saving, the rest they can keep!

    1. I don't even have the work clothes excuse, KN, I have let things slip badly. I think the day of reckoning has arrived! lol...

  4. I know what you mean about charity shops I used to find lots of crafts and sewing stuff in them. I used to buy lots of clothes in charity shops too but have found them too pricey. I definitely don't have 33 decent pieces of clothing. I tend to dress for comfort and the weather rather than style!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! I spend more time in jeans & tee shirts these days and just layer up as it gets colder. Charity shops are definitely trying to be more 'up market' these days at the expense of the people who want cheap fabric for crafts and bric a brac. I hope it brings in more money for the charity, of course I do, but I have seen a couple of shops close down within the last year so does it actually do that? I wonder... Thanks for your post :-)

  5. The Quilts book looks interesting. I love making quilts, its very addictive :) I don't think I have 33 decent things in my wardrobe! It seems to be full of things that don't even fit me anymore. Time for a clear out I think! Good luck with the patchwork

  6. Hmm, I think that's part of the problem, Chickpea, I got rid of stuff that doesn't fit me to the CS now all that 's left is minimal and ancient! I'm really looking forward to trying patchwork, it will be a steep learning curve....:-)

  7. Hi this is my first time visiting your blog and I've really enjoyed my visit. What a lovely surprise to find your Mothers sewing kit. Before I forget as I tend to do then have to make 2 posts lol, you evidently have internet access if you go to youtube and put quilting tutorials in the search box it will bring 100's of videos. I used them a lot when I began quilting and have learned so much from the quilters on there. They're not all head of the class teachers, a lot are just ordinary quilters who love sharing their knowledge. I loved watching them and still do.
    I used to buy curtains/duvet covers/sheeting from CS shops to make quilts with they were priced quite low but over the past 2 yrs I've seen the prices rise so much tbh it can be cheaper buying new.
    I looked for your 'follow by email' button and followers but can't see them, I wold love to keep up with your blog.

    Enjoy your weekend

    Peg x

    1. Hi Peg, thanks so much for popping in and reading :) Thanks too for the tip re youtube tutorials, I will certainly check some of them out once I get cracking on the patchwork.
      Regarding followers: I have been trying for weeks to get the Google Friends connect gadget to work on my blog to no avail. I have twiddled and fiddled to the extent that I lost the whole thing at one stage! I am hopeless with technology. I wanted to display the blogs I follow myself too but couldn't do that either...doh... So sorry...but I will keep trying x