Sunday, 16 July 2017

God Bless The Air Ambulance Service

God bless the men and women of the Air Ambulance service all over the country.
On Friday we had a bit of an emergency here.  A neighbour, who is a young 60'ish tripped over her flip flops and fell head first down the back steps of her home, knocking herself out in the process.  Within minutes of the 999 call a paramedic who lives locally arrived in his own car closely followed by a regular ambulance crew. God bless them all too.  Shortly afterwards we heard the shugging sound of  helicopter blades and a low flying helicopter circled slowly before landing in the small field nearby.  How they managed to land is a miracle.  In order to take off again the pilot had to turn around at almost ground level then lift off and fly backwards to avoid the electricity lines crossing the field.  My heart was in my mouth.  The neighbour has head injuries and broken ribs so she is in quite a state, poor soul, but she should recover given time.
The incident made me think how I've let my fundraising and donations slip a little lately.  The AA has no government funding at all so help is always needed. I intend to donate again as soon as I can.  I still support Help4Heroes by donating a percentage of my eBay sales but my Food Bank donations have been neglected compared to last year.  On Saturday I donated 4 items as cash is tight this month but I will ramp that up too next month.
We are so lucky in this country with our emergency services.
Have a lovely, safe and relaxing Sunday x


  1. Oh my goodness. I do hope your neighbour will be OK. We are very lucky with the emergency services in this country and I never understand why services such as the Air Ambulance and Mountain Rescue are self funding.

  2. I don't understand it either Jules. They are such an important service that they should get funding of some sort surely.

  3. Living on a little Island the air ambulance and the RNLI are vital services I try to help as and when I can.

    1. They are literally life savers aren't they MM. And they risk their own lives too.....

  4. You are so right, they are a wonderful service and crucial to get to all the little villages around, especially in the summer when our roads are packed.