Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sunny Sunday Savings

Happy Sunday!  The sun is shining and Spring is here!  As I've said before, we are not allowed to grow veg here but, once again, we have sneaked some seed potatoes into a big tub ( actually, two tubs this time!) and our strawberry plants are putting on a spurt now that they can feel some warmth at last. 

Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and try bread making.  What an unmitigated disaster :/ 
It looked ok whilst proving .......

So I divided it up for the second proving after bashing it about a bit......

This is the might say.  Overcooked? yes, a tad (the oven must have been hotter that it should have been) Solid? yep.  Edible?  Well we ate the one on the left well buttered with some pasta bake, the one on the right is still languishing in the kitchen wrapped in foil.  The bread, when cut, looks and tastes a bit like Ciabatta not what I intended at all.  Go can laugh... my OH did and he texted a photo to DD who rolled about laughing too :)  B*ggers.

I did my top up shop yesterday and spent exactly £20.00 (how did that happen?) but that included a bottle of wine, some loo rolls and some cake and ice cream for the GC.  We sat in the garden and enjoyed a drink and a lovely sunny afternoon together.

Therefore the total for week 1 is £39.90

£10.00 has gone into the 'saved money' pot and the 10p has been left in the housekeeping purse for next week (oooh big spender!)

Thanks everso for popping in and enjoy your evening x


  1. I am sure it will be good for toasting or bread and butter pudding at least you had a go xxxx

  2. Don't let it put you off trying again will you.
    Practice makes perfect as they say-x-

  3. Ah those bread fails. Keep at it, you will get the hang of it. When I was a kid, I made the most wonderful bread and sold it around the neibourhood. Fast forward fifteen years and a move from the mountains to the prairies. Couldn't make bread for the life of me. Many croutons, much toast, some eaten as is, and some breadcrumbs made. Now I am back to making good bread. Sometimes it depends on how humid it is, how dry it is outside, even if the kitchen is a bit too cool. Kneading also takes practice. The best to you and I look forward to seeing your breadmaking progress.

  4. What a shame about the bread, and it looked so promising. If my other half had made fun I think I would have thrown a loaf at him. 😉 X

  5. Keep trying as it looked good when proving.Did you leave it to rise long enough for the second proving?
    I MUST get back to bread making as soon as I get an oven and decent flour - totally fed up with shop bread

  6. google artisan bread recipe.

    Fool proof. Well it works for me!

  7. Mine is a bit hit and miss too. But then the village Artisan baker is as well and he charges £1.85 a loaf! Last week a bit doughy, this week hard outside!

  8. At least your first try was edible. Mine, when sliced was like hockey pucks (I am Canadian and that is the only way I can describe the hard slices that I obtained).

    God bless.

  9. Keep trying.My first couple of loaves were like concrete & DH suggested that we used them as doorstops!