Thursday, 23 March 2017

God Bless

I was going to write an upbeat post about financial matters but the events at Westminster yesterday have to take priority.  I am heartbroken for the innocent victims; the mother with small children, the policeman simply doing his job, the two people who ended up injured in the Thames, the tourists caught up in the wicked act which caused such carnage, the people with life changing injuries and all their families. 

It would be too trivial to write about mundane matters today....

Oh, and I don't normally swear but I say to Katie Hopkins " Shut your mouth! You only speak for yourself!  People are NOT cowed, simply in shock. The terrorists WILL NOT WIN "

God Bless you all my friends and keep you safe xx


  1. A terrible day.
    Blessings to you too-x-

  2. It was truly awful, terrible for the families x

  3. I totally agree, it was a horrible day and innocents suffered.