Friday, 7 October 2016

Cider Hotpot & a Washing Up Fairy?

In my last post I mentioned making food stretch and yesterday I made a cider veggie hotpot.  It used up more carrots and the last of the broccoli plus a quarter of a pint of cider in the stock (OH was allowed to drink the rest of the can so he was more than happy) It made 4 portions so we ate 2 last night, I ate 1 portion for my tea tonight (OH fancied a prawn salad sandwich using up the last of the frozen prawns) so that leaves a portion for OH to take to work on Saturday.  He can microwave it there and it will sustain him as it's a long 9 hour shift. In case you were wondering, I often serve our meals in pasta dishes because a) it's a way of controlling portions and...b) it sometimes allows us to  eat whilst watching The Chase on TV :D

DD and her family are coming for tea tomorrow, I'm trying to watch the spending and have 9 pork sausages in the freezer plus 3 Quorn ones so it will be hot dogs with lots of fried onions.  I've popped the box of sausages in the fridge to thaw overnight.  3 packs of  bread rolls were just £1.50 (18 rolls) and that should feed all 6 of us.  All I need to sort out is dessert so I'll see what's on offer at the supermarket tomorrow.  There's always a bit of fruit in the house too..... Oh, and a jelly is good for the tiddlers....

When OH goes to work on Saturday and Sunday he makes himself a bacon butty.  He leaves stuff EVERYWHERE so I asked him to at least put it all in one place.  Last Sunday I got up to this lovely sight ....this is to the left of the sink......

 and this is to the right....

How does that help exactly????

Have a lovely evening everyone and thanks for popping in.  Be kind to each other xx


  1. I feel your pain with regards to the sink issue. It's the same here. Have a lovely time with your family tomorrow. X

  2. I love cheap basic meals they are always the best, we have a dishwasher here and things get left on the side, men and the kitchen do not mix x

    1. A dishwasher would be heaven but I know I would still be the one loading it the same as you :) Men! xx

  3. I am a great fan of a hot dog especially with lots of fried onions.