Thursday, 25 August 2016

Skinny dipping and checking receipts

Skinny dipping? Not really.....the time is 7.30pm and I have just spent a blissful 15 minutes lying in a warm bath whilst listening to the rain beating down, cold and heavy, on the roof and windows.  Yesterday was so very hot and the night time sultry and still, so that I slept badly.  Today has been the total opposite; cool, wet and welcome respite from the heat of the last couple of days.  I just can't take the heat and cannot understand how our Son has managed to stay sane having spent the last 14 years in Australia :/  I much prefer moderate conditions and, in fact, get great pleasure from walking in a gentle rain as dusk is falling.  When I was in my teens I loved  getting the bus home from school (and then work) and then slowly walking the last half a mile home in the rain under the shelter of my umbrella, dawdling if I thought I could get away with it.  Simple pleasures :)

Oh yes, checking receipts.... I always check any receipts before leaving a store and it was a good job I did this week.  I had been over-charged by 68p on two punnets of soft fruit.  The ticketing was debated by the staff and a supervisor decided the multi-buy offer was wrong but refunded me anyway.  68p is a useful sum of money and better in my pocket than Mr M's!

Does anyone else often find errors?


  1. I am always catching the supermarkets out, usually hubby packs whilst I keep my beady eye on the buggers x

    1. Good for you, Marlene! :D It pays to check x