Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Bargain Oven and Miracle Seedlings

DD has had her kitchen remodelled and was getting rid of her old built in oven.  It is 6 years old but a much better oven than mine so when she offered it to me I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.  Son in Law, P, even offered to fit it for me for free. What could I say but "pretty please!" It has a working oven light (mine didn't), heats up in no time (mine took ages), is fan assisted (mine wasn't) and it arrived clean (a bonus!) It would have gone to the scrapyard so it's been recycled. I love it.....

As a small thank you I have bought them a bottle of port which is one of their favourite tipples, so my oven has cost me just £10......

It's been a strange muggy kind of day, very overcast and as OH was at work I didn't really know what to make for my lunch.  A scrabble about in the freezer unearthed a solitary spicy vegetable burger so I cooked that to have with some salad.  I am trying to cut down on calories a bit with the warmer weather looming and also increase my fruit and veg intake.  I guess this to be at least 2 portions and with a small glass of orange juice, that makes 3.  The meal comes to 9 WW pro points with a bit of low fat salad cream to moisten the carrot. It tasted lovely too....

There was just £11.84 left in the housekeeping purse so I have used some of it to stock up on milk, butter for cakes, baked beans, orange juice and a big pot of thick Greek style yogurt for low calorie desserts.  Somehow a pack of 6 fruit split ice lollies found their way into my basket too, but at just 2 pro points each and costing £1 for six, I don't feel too guilty :)  The remainder of the cash has been put aside for emergencies.  Our food shopping week begins on a Monday as it's usually the quieter day although we might do it on Tuesday this week as Monday is Bank Holiday.

About 6 weeks ago I bought a parsley growing kit from the pound shop.  I thought I had messed it all up as nothing appeared for about 4 weeks then tiny sprouting things appeared.  Just look at it now!

I intended planting some seedlings in the little patch of garden at the back but now it has been forbidden to grow food I might have to just thin them out and grow them on in the pot :( 

Bye for now, have a lovely weekend x


  1. A good bargain in the oven and parsley grows well in pots although it is slow to germinate. I looked at Park Homes before moving to Wales but the nice ones did not allow dogs, 2 of the ones that did would not have children on the site, not even visitors.

    1. Visiting children are allowed on here, Pam, and they can stay overnight too. I need my fix of GC! You can also bring a dog but can't replace it once it's gone to doggy heaven :(

  2. Your new oven looks perfect and what a bargain, well done! I once read that only the boss of the house could grow parsley! So well done with that too :-) x

  3. Nothing like a nice new (and clean!) oven to inspire your cooking, great bargain xxx

  4. Hello!
    I presume that you know the old saying
    "That where Parsley grows the woman wears the trousers" do you ? :-)