Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snowdrops and Kitties

Both cats were waiting for me at 8am again this morning which was much easier than trying to call them in. The tabby at the rear is the interloper :/ and she is much bigger than she appears in the photo. Both cats are female and seem to enjoy each other's company so it's quite difficult to keep the interloper out of my neighbour's kitchen whilst feeding Puss.  I have to go in and close the door, prepare both lots of food and put Fudge's bowl outside in the little shelter whilst Puss comes in the house to eat.  Cor, it's like being a juggler at times!
Here is Puss managing to eat in peace.....

 She is a lovely cat with a thick, glossy coat but is very timid.  She will not come if there is a man near, even if she just hears his voice.  She just appeared in the area about 6 or so years ago as a scraggy, thin little kitten but various people fed her until she decided she had fallen on her feet when she adopted my neighbour.  I am lucky that she seems to like me too and will brush my legs and allow me to stroke her gently.

On my way back home I spotted these on the frozen bank and just had to try to get a photo.  It turned out to be a bit of a task as the tabby thought it a marvellous game to fly into the shot just before I clicked the button.  Consequently, I have several shots of the fur on her back instead of the Snowdrops!

These little beauties are my Small Treasure for today.....

Enjoy the lovely sunny day if you can, and thanks for popping in x


  1. We saw lots of Snowdrops the other day, they are a treasure x

  2. She has grown into a lovely cat. It always amuses me how cats select their humans rather than the other way round! Jx

  3. They don't believe in loyalty either unlike dogs. They will go where they are best treated!

  4. Cats always select me, they practically fight over each other to get to me. And I have to run away! I am allergic and suffer badly if I come into contact with one. So I admire from afar.

  5. You poor thing. That must be a nightmare x