Saturday, 21 February 2015

More Signs of Spring and Teaching Young Pups

When I go to feed my neighbours cat in the early morning, I like to have a little walk in the fresh crisp air too.  Yesterday, I noticed so many signs of Spring that I had to fetch my camera and take some snaps.  There were more snowdrops ...

Some beautiful lilac crocuses...

And some Cyclamen Coum, which are one of my favourites.  We bought them from Ashwood Nurseries in Kingswinford and they come up year after year.  These ones are in what we smugly call our 'Seaside Garden'!

This little gem has seeded itself in among a weedy bit of ground.  Perhaps a bird helped out, I don't know but it will stay here in the little spot it chose for itself....

This is the other bit of our Seaside Garden and this is probably the closest we will ever get to living by the sea!  I love this colourful, naff little lighthouse because it contains a solar powered light and has been shining bravely on throughout the cold, dark February nights.

My 66p Tete a Tete daffodils are also showing their sweet little faces to the morning sun.  A real treasure in the dismal days we are still having at the moment....

Nanna's Calming Craft Club

The family came over for the day on Wednesday and as it is half term the children were energetic and bouncy with joy so we needed something calming to occupy them.  At their request we decided to try knitting.  Now I have been a knitter since I was a child but have only recently rediscovered my knitting mojo so I have lots of cheap, small balls of yarn in my stash. DD tried her hand too.  She has never really wanted to knit but was swept along by the GC's enthusiasm, I think, so here is her first effort......

I taught GD to knit 4 years ago when she was six so her piece is quite neat.  She is knitting a little cardigan for her doll.  Guess what her favourite colour is?  lol......

GS couldn't quite get to grips with knitting so he modelled  some wrist warmers I had made earlier (Blue Peter style!)  They are not posh but keep my hands warm when I need my fingers free....

They all enjoyed the session which they christened Nanna's Calming Craft Club :0)

Boy, did I sleep well that night!!

Have a lovely day everyone x


  1. How nice it is to see the signs of spring and how nice to spend a crafty day with the grandchildren.

  2. I love the concept of a 'calming craft club'! Have you got a knitting project of your own on the go at the moment? Jx

    1. I am knitting baby garments for charity at the moment. I love having a quick project with lovely soft yarn x

  3. Knitting must be the latest craze at the moment, W illow wanted to knit something, we started with 20 stitches and by the time it was 6" long she had 37 :-). My friend has also been knitting with her 2 grandaughters. Its so nice spending crafting time together isn't it. x

    1. It's lovely, Karen, and you made me laugh out loud with Willow almost doubling her stitches in just 6" of work! She will improve :) x