Sunday, 3 June 2018

What a difference 3 weeks makes in the garden

I was quite excited on Friday, OH presented me with our first strawberry of the season (you can tell I don't get out much!) and it was a whopper! It was luscious, sweet and wonderful simply because we had grown it ourselves :)

On 11th May I wrote a post called Walk With Me. Do you remember the potato I missed last year and which grew among the leeks?

I pulled out all the leeks to eat (they were quite small and thin)  and then OH emptied the tub in order to use it again.  These appeared in the meal's worth of spuds... ta da!

The Lupins and other cottage garden plants have really put on a good show since that post …..

The bees love the Digitalis....

The Paeonies are almost ready to open too....

And look at my Lilies! Can you see more potatoes behind them?

This was how they looked 3 weeks ago...

The Rhubarb plant is one that I saved from certain death.  It had no good growth on it just limp leaves and was about to be thrown away.  I paid £1 for it and it has repaid me by producing 3 healthy shoots.  It should be great next year....

I bought this single Ailsa Craig tomato plant for 75p from a local smallholder just as an experiment to see if I can get it to fruit outside.  It's doing quite well at the moment although my gardening skills might let it down later.  We'll see....

How is your garden coming along? Do you have strawberries yet?

OH is outside watering everything as it has been quite hot today.  I think it will be another sticky night so I will leave the window open again for some cool night air.  I wish it wasn't quite so humid, yet after the torrential rain we have been getting it's little wonder.

Stay safe everyone and thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Had enough strawberries for a small bowlful today, before this I was eating one at a time as I saw them. A lovely treat. and looking like several raspberries coming which is even better news
    Must do a greenhouse photo - everything coming along nicely

    1. OOh, LOVE raspberries but have never grown any.

  2. Our flowering plants are amazing. I just gave away all our rhubarb, tho there should be more before you have to stop picking in July.

    1. It's the first time I've grown any in years, Jill, I'm looking forward to rhubarb crumble :)

  3. First bowl for tea tonight!

    1. Yum! The first always seem the best for some reason :)

  4. I have lots of strawberries but none of them ripe! Looking forward to lotsore fruit this year.