Sunday, 2 July 2017

Awesome Knitting & Baking C*ck Up

Crumbs...another week has gone in a flash.  Somehow there just aren't enough hours in a day at the moment.

In my last post I promised to share details of the knitting exhibition which we found purely by accident in Honiton, Devon.  It was at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery which is housed in a lovely Georgian townhouse, the former home and studio of the artist Thelma Hulbert.  I was in awe of the knitting skills of everyone who contributed.....

I LOVE this clown!

A picnic.....

Vegetable garden produce.....
Beautiful knitted roses....

A sweet little blue tit.....

Yummy looking cakes....

Cacti galore......

This was a favourite, a bee hive!.....

The exhibits change every few weeks and, sadly, this one has now closed but for FREE admission it was awesome (donation made, of course)

Baking c*ck up!

As money was a bit tight by the end of last month I tried to eke out the desserts by making a lemon curd sponge using a fatless sponge recipe from an untried recipe.  BIG mistake!  It was so dry despite following the recipe to the letter but I was determined not to waste it.  It contained four eggs after all :/  I opened a small tin of pears, placed them in the bottom of a big dish, sliced up about half the cake and laid that on top.  I sloshed brandy over the sponge (it soaked it up nicely!) and emptied a tin of value custard (cold, straight from the tin) on top of that and chilled it. It made 4 good and tasty portions of pudding with a drizzle of cream one day and a dollop of ice cream the next. OH thinks I'm a Domestic Goddess ;)

Today is wonderfully sunny and I've had a wander around the local garden centre this morning.  I had enough cash for a pot of tea in the teashop too....lovely.

Enjoy your day wherever you happen to be x


  1. It's amazing what people can knit....and crochet isn't it?
    I remember my Mother knitting things like the clown years ago. I couldn't knit if I tried but I do love to see the things people make.

    Pudding sounds lovely-x-

  2. The knitting is so good, I particularly like the beehive. Well done on salvaging the disaster, I confess to having one in the week, I could do nothing with it, but the birds enjoyed it, xx

  3. I may just have to venture down to this exhibition sometime and see what is on show. Thanks for sharing. x

  4. Always a joy to see what stunning yarn creations are about. I loved the bee hive too. Loved what you made with the cake, sounds wonderful.