Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Heartbreaking news

Oh my God, another atrocity, this time targeting young people in Manchester Arena.  My heart is broken for the people killed and injured, many of them just children.  When will this all end.....

God bless and keep you all safe xx

Monday, 22 May 2017

Holiday Woes and Growing Things

Hello all (waves as she comes in) today so far has been a stunner weather wise.  Our holiday was almost a total washout, just two sunny days and the rest wet and windy :/ However, we did manage to breathe in some lovely fresh sea air and ate pasties on the quayside, ice creams too, so not a total disaster :)

Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post.  Real books, it seems, win out for enjoyment every time with kindle having it's place only when travelling.  I got through two whole books during the 9 days we were away; one 'real' book and one kindle one.  Rainy days make me feel less guilty about sitting reading for hours on end.  The biggest problem with the wet weather was where to go each day so we did more eating out than we would have liked.

One favourite was taking the ferry (£4 each return) to Rock where we ate delicious fish cakes in the Rock Inn. It wasn't cheap @ £13.95 each but the meal was soooo delicious and the two salmon and cod fishcakes filled us up until evening when we had just half a HM sarnie each ......

On the first Sunday, it was deceptively sunny and we sat eating ice cream and basking in the glow at Padstow harbour (sigh) ......


Rock Beach

Rock at low tide


At home there was a touch of frost on more than one occasion which, luckily, hasn't stunted the growth of my potatoes.....

But it did affect my illicit strawberries by taking off all the little flowers which were ready to form the fruit.....

Other shrubs were unlucky too, both the Camellia and Rhododendron were decimated......

But the Lupins survived....Hooray!

And so did the Peonies...yay!

Now I just need to fetch in my lovely, freshly line-dried washing (shame I have to iron it...hmmm)

A big welcome to my new followers Lee and Mary, it's lovely to 'meet' you :)

Thanks everso for popping in x

Monday, 8 May 2017

Book or Kindle? And Jolly's

Tomorrow we are off to our most favourite place in the whole of Cornwall, Padstow, for a bit of a get away.  We're taking the caravan as it's much cheaper than renting a cottage so it won't be an entire rest-fest for me as I will still be cooking but I am so looking forward to the fresh salty air....

photo from Google

I'm looking forward to eating a warm pasty whilst watching the activity on the boats within the harbour, scoffing scones with jam and rich Cornish cream, and licking a locally made ice cream cornet too (although not one after the other, of course....obviously  :) ).  We'll walk as much as we are able to work off the effect of any treats and (hopefully) relax in some sunshine to replenish our vitamin D.  Apparently, people are so used to sloshing on the sunscreen that they are now Vit. D deficient!  Good grief, the 'experts' tell us one thing and then some time later change the advice into a totally opposite direction.  Everything in moderation, including the sun, seems to be the way to go, I think.

Book or Kindle? I ask.  I have a book to take with me to finish but I will need another so I thought I would take my kindle too.  Browsing Amazon's website has shown me a big change in the swing of the pendulum from books to kindle.  It seems to be swinging back to books as they are often much cheaper than the kindle version now!  I must admit that I love the feel of a physical book in my hands, the ability to read the cover now and again and to flick back and forth to check on bits of the story that I may have mis-read of forgotten, to see how much I have read in page numbers and not percentages.  I LOVE BOOKS!!  How do you feel about them?

Take care whilst I am away and enjoy the sun (in moderation) whilst we have it.

Thanks everso for popping in x

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Marvellous May Already?

Golly, another month has gone by already.  It's May and OH's toothy saga goes on!  This morning he rang the dental surgery for an appointment and was asked to be there by 10.30am.  Marvellous! (I thought) we'll get this sorted at last! WRONG....the nurse looked at the gaping hole and pronounced the gum healthy so they could do no more.  According to her it will heal in it's own good time.  OH must carry on eating food which doesn't need much chewing and swoosh out the socket each time with salty warm water.  I am absolutely convinced that a stitch in the gum at the time would have ensured that it healed within 2 weeks (mine did) Talk about a stitch in time saves nine......

Okay, so today's lunch was yet more HM soup, leek and potato, using the sliced leeks I had frozen a couple of weeks ago.  We are eating out tonight to celebrate my Brother's birthday.  Heaven knows what OH will eat but he is determined not to spoil the celebration, bless him, and he's treating us to the meal too. The following two days meals will be Quorn shepherdess pie with mashed swede, very easy on the gums, and then fish next.... all nice and easy to prepare...... :/

I hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday yesterday, we just had a quiet one with lots of reading and pottering after doing the 'main' shop (still within budget this week as I'm not buying any meat)

Take care and thanks everso for popping in x