Thursday, 5 January 2017

January Juggle

Welcome to 2017 everyone, I do hope the new year is getting off to a grand start for you all :)
Thanks too to everyone who left good wishes on my last post.  All the comments are much appreciated and returned three-fold.
The title January Juggle refers to the jiggling of finances which occurs every January.  Household expenditure is examined with a metaphoric magnifying glass to see where costs can be cut and potential increases catered for well in advance of the actual bills.  I have yet to add up last year's totals but a quick glance at the books is encouraging.  I'll update you on the totals soon (if you're interested that is!)
Earlier in the week we popped into Asda for some milk and I spotted their January mag.  There are 37 budget recipes and the mag is FREE.  We are not usually near to an Asda but a free mag is not to be sniffed at :) and I look forward to reading it cover to cover.

My Christmas presents were mainly toiletries and chocolate biscuits; both very welcome gifts, but a friend bought me this planner/ shopping list.  She knows me well!

It's not very clear in the photo unless you click to expand it but this week we have eaten....

Monday & Tuesday ....veggie hotpot (lots of veg like carrots, onions, leek & broccoli topped with sliced potato and cheese.  I simply microwaved Tuesday's portion to reheat it.

Wednesday.....cheese pie & baked beans (carb heavy, I know, but we like it and the weather is literally freezing)

Thursday....crispy jacket potatoes, grated cheese and lots of salad (I know it's cheese and potato again :/ but it was yummy)

and yet to come :)

Friday .....needs to be fish and homemade chips with peas

Saturday...Quorn lasagne with roasties and lots of assorted veg (I have bits of all kinds in the fridge & freezer to use up)

Sunday....more of the same (whatever is left over)

Breakfast has been porridge or cereal with tinned fruit and a dollop of thick, creamy Greek yogurt.

Lunches have been sandwiches, toasties, HM quiche (using half a pack of ready made pastry from the freezer) wraps etc (including salad stuff where OH didn't object) Most of these are portable to take with us if we have to go out.

Desserts and snacks have been HM biscuits, HM Eccles- style cakes (using a ready rolled sheet of puff pastry from the freezer @ 3 for a £1 from Her0n foods) jelly (not for me..yuk!!) with a scoop of ice cream (on offer at £1 a tub from Mr M) making OH very happy.  Tonight I have used up some stale bread by making a slab of bread slice; a kind of luxury bread pudding courtesy of Marlene @ Simple Living's blog.  I really am trying to avoid sugary snacks and cakes for a while but there would be mutiny from OH if he didn't get his fix.  The bread slice makes 8 hearty slices to keep him happy :)
edit: forgot to say we have apples, grapes and 2 bananas for snacking :)

The food budget has come in at under £30 despite needing to buy things like loo rolls, kitchen roll, toilet cleaner, vinegar and olive oil so I'm happy with my first shop of the new year.  On Saturday I intend to clean out the store cupboard whilst OH is at work so that I can better plan for next week once I know what we have in there.  I'm also aware that I need to add meat and fish to the food plan for next week so I'll buy those first and see what cash is left.  There's still lots of veg left in the fridge which I don't want to waste so need to incorporate that somewhere.

I have accumulated £31.46 worth of Nectar points....

and 168 Boots points ....

I'll use those a bit at a time to eke out the budget.  The Boots ones will probably be used for liquid soap or toothpaste or something and the Sainsbugs ones for food.

Phew, this has turned into quite a lengthy post...sorry....I'll stop now!

Thanks everso for popping in x


  1. Hi Angela, I guess that was my bread pudding slice recipe, I haven't made that for a while, so will do one again soon.
    Would be very interested in your financial update, it is always good for us frugal bloggers to compare notes and share our tips. I got the magazine from Asda I shall take a look at it tomorrow.Lovely when you have points for free shopping, xx

  2. That menu is gooood! I'm almost drooling at the thought of cheese pie and beans. I must try and get hold of that magazine. Are the recipes genuinely budget ones? I often find myself chuckling at some of the 'budget' recipes shown on the tv. X

  3. I used to get the Asda mag all the time before I moved here, my nearest Asda is a 25 minute drive while my nearest shops are only 10. Your menu sounds yummy, nothing wrong with cheese and beans. I am on a use it up mission and veg is high on the list. I am off to check out the bread pudding recipe.

  4. I went into Asda for the first time in years yesterday and missed that mag!
    Always like to read other people's lists and plans. Always something to learn or relate to.

  5. Actually tore a couple of recipes out of the latest Asda mag, quite unusual for me to find anything we'd like or cheap enough

  6. Sounds like a great magazine unfortunately we don not live anywhere near an asda. Soup is always a good one for using up veg, I am also a fan of a vegetable bake and bubble and squeak.