Tuesday, 22 November 2016

More Crafty Makes and Butter Fingers

Despite a very busy weekend I have managed to make a few more things for the craft stall next week, this time some little knitted stocking tree decorations.....

Each one has a tiny bit of toy stuffing in the toe to give it shape and is then filled with a small packet of Haribo sweets,  a wrapped chocolate biscuit (think Penguin style) or a Maoam bar as they are all just about the right size.  This makes the stockings light enough in weight to hang on the tree.  I've made red and white, white and red, blue and white etc but you can use all your scrap bits of wool to make whatever colour you like....

I really need to get a move on though because the more items I can make the more I might sell and the more left over for the CS to sell in time for Christmas.

Changing the subject completely, we have had two days of torrential rain here, both during the night and the following day.  It's been awful but hasn't stopped me going out (driving very carefully to avoid flooded areas).  I went to see the GC in their dance school show on Sunday and it was amazing!  GD is only 12 and took part in performing the routine from the film Chicago called 'Cell Block Tango' which I thought very racy for a girl so young :/  If you don't know it do google it and you'll see what I mean.  Apparently they couldn't perform it last year because some Nans objected.  I can see why!  Does anyone else think that innocence is being lost far too quickly these days? Anyway, the show was delightful and all the children worked very hard to pull it all together.

Today was spent chatting, drinking coffee and eating cake at Halfpenny Green Vineyard along with 9 friends and neighbours.  My kind of day!  Then a walk around the shop and craft centre too, no more money spent though, I had to keep my hands firmly in my pockets.

Tonight I decided to have a nice hot bath and, guess what....I dropped my clean warm towel right into the bath water.  Doh....I told you I was getting clumsy :(

Anyway, thanks everso for popping in.  Stay warm x


  1. Loved the mini stockings, hope you do well with your next craft fair.

  2. The stockings are lovely. Very sweet. I hope you manage to sell plenty in time for Christmas. Coffee, cake and friends sounds like the perfect kind of a day. X

  3. Thank you Jules :) and yes, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! X