Tuesday, 25 October 2016

YS and Bargains

When we did the shopping yesterday we must have timed it just right for a change as I found lots of YS items for just pence.  They were all in date too. The juice drinks will be perfect for the GC when they come to visit on Thursday (there were 3 fruit shoot but you can see that one has lost it's seal so I won't risk giving it to the GC) and at 9p for 2 they were a bargain.  The herbs and spicy things will be used to add flavour to stews in the slow cooker for my meat eating OH.  The dried yeast for 9p is in date too so I will tackle bread making in a day or two now that OH is feeling more himself.
I added everything up and the original price would have been £14.25 the price paid was £1.48 , much more palatable! Oh, and we ate the 9p rice for dessert after our tea :)

Today I popped into Holland & Barrett for some ginger as I had been emailed a coupon for £3.00 It wasn't a points reward as I haven't spent anything in there for ages so I knew I hadn't a reward due. Anyway, it's usual price was £4.69 but it was on offer for £2.69 so I bought some cranberry mix too for snacking (healthier than biscuits!) .....

Both items cost me just £2.58 instead of £7.58 Woohoo! ....

That's my kind of shopping :)

How was your day?  Hope it was a good one.

Take care x


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    1. Thanks Marlene, I'm learning from the best! x

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  3. I don't know where I'm going wrong I never seem to see anything on stickers and never receive any coupons through the post lol. We shop mainly in Sainsbury's maybe we're going at the wrong time.

    1. It is a bit hit and miss, Wendy. Marlene from Simple Living seems to have it down to a fine art!