Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Healing the Sick

Firstly, welcome to Rose and Jane Austin my new followers, what wonderful names!

Sunday was our wedding anniversary.  Not an insignificant one, mind you, our 45th, our sapphire!  At the last minute on Friday afternoon we decided to take the caravan to Stratford for a few days as the weather forecast was looking favourable so we booked to travel on Monday morning.  Noooo....the gods decided we were definitely NOT going. OH was working on Sunday (fine anniversary I thought to myself) but I packed and we went to bed.  At 2.30am OH was throwing up and groaning loudly (so sorry if you're eating whilst reading this) so we were going nowhere....
He is still not well, the bug has completely knocked the stuffing out of him.  It's doing the rounds in blogland too by all accounts. Pam from A New Life in Wales has been very poorly too, poor soul.
Me? I've been doing my Florence Nightingale bit....

We have two toilets; bathroom and en-suite and I have had to confine him to using just the en-suite one :/   to try to limit the risk of infection for me.  I know if I catch it I won't get the F. Nightingale treatment!

The bed linen and night attire has been changed and washed immediately, the bathrooms disinfected within an inch of their lives, boiling water poured over toothbrushes, crockery and cutlery washed in very hot water etc  Small windows have been opened during the day even though the heating has been on as OH has felt so cold, but I need to get the germs OUT.

Do you have any tips on getting rid of germs?  Is anyone out there suffering too?

I have been unable to do any crafting as I don't want to risk getting germs on anything so I've spent the quiet time when the patient has been in bed reading, which is no hardship at all :)

OH has eaten practically nothing since Sunday so my meal plan has gone to pot.  I've been eating simply so at least the budget is intact!

Take care everyone and thanks everso for popping in.  I hope to have a more up-beat post next time x


  1. Hope he's well soon and you don't catch it. Quite a memorable anniversary then....although not in the way you'd have liked!

  2. Happy Anniversary , you will have to do something else when your hubby is feeling better. Get well soon Angela's hubby (sorry can't remember your name)

  3. We always use separate bathrooms when one is ill.

  4. Belated Anniversary wishes, hopefully you will be able to do something when your husband is well. Here's hoping you don't fall ill. Take care.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary. Such a shame it was gatecrashed by horrible germs. I hope he's feeling much better and you've managed to avoid catching anything. X