Friday, 14 October 2016

A Nectar Bonus

Today is turning into another good day! I needed to shop at Sainsbury's today for stuff for the weekend and when I went through the checkout, scanning my Nectar card, I received this...

Woohoo! 500 free points worth £2.50 !  If you have a Nectar card and spend £10 or more today, Saturday or Sunday then you will win at least a guaranteed 200 points.  It's well worth remembering to scan your card, in my view.  To collect your win you only need to go through the checkout again before the expiry date on the voucher (in this case 30/10/16) Fumbling in my coat pocket for my keys I found a £1 coin I had forgotten about and I also had 56p left from the food budget.  I decided there and then to share my win so went back inside the supermarket and spent the cash on 6 items for the Food Bank. When I scanned the voucher my 500 points were added immediately....Win, need to use petrol going back to the store another time to claim them and extra for the Food Bank.

Today has not been an NSD but I've definitely had value for money :)

Enjoy your day and be kind to each other x


  1. A great bonus. Regrettably we don't have a Sainsbury's near us otherwise I would be straight there.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, we went to Sainsbury's today and received 5000 points!

    1. Fabulous news! Well done! Make sure you re-scan your card and voucher before the closing date. I'm so pleased for you :) x