Sunday, 4 September 2016

Rainy days and knitting

photo from Google

It has been a wet couple of days here in Worcestershire and there is an Autumnal nip in the air this morning too but at least the rain has stopped.  Yesterday was pretty dismal so I took a trip to the Hospice CS to drop off  another batch of  22 handmade cards.  The last batch from a week ago has already been sold, which is heartwarming.  I also had some craft magazines (which also sell well) and a signed hardback book to donate.

Do you remember this lovely yarn from the pound shop?

I used half of it to knit a little baby hat then managed to find some more with the same die lot number at a different pound shop so I'm attempting a little blanket.  I've never knitted one before but have found a super, easy little pattern on so will give it a go....

I don't know why the colour looks so different, so washed out, in the second photo. The one above is how it looks in reality :/

Anyway, as the blanket is knitted on the diagonal it will have many more stitches to go and will need to be put onto a pair of circular needles sometime soon.  I have resisted so far as I have never knitted on them before.  The number of stitches will double to 160...eek!  I hope it works out ok.

For the rest of the day it will be dusting, hoovering, clean the bathroom and en-suite, lunch, then a bit of baking and then knitting! Yay!

Have a lovely day whatever you have planned x


  1. There is a nip in the air here as well, yesterday it rained heavy , the flowers are looking a bit battered now, enjoy your afternoon x

    1. Heavy rain soon takes it's toll on the flowers, doesn't it. Thank you, Marlene x

  2. I am a new follower. Thrilled to read that you are donating hand made cards for a good cause!