Tuesday, 19 July 2016

We're Having a Heatwave!

Hello to The 3-year Challenge, my new follower, you are very welcome :)

I have to ask, am I still in the England?  This strange yellow object appeared in the sky yesterday and I am melting!  As a child, I remember Summers creeping up with ever increasing warmth and length of day, but now it seems to hit us like a sledgehammer. I am always unprepared :/  Even this morning at 8.30am it was too hot to open the kitchen blinds on the south side of the bungalow so they remain shut whilst I do the ironing with a fan at my feet.  Windows on the other, North and East, sides are wide open and will remain so until the sun moves around.  I never quite know what to eat when the weather is so hot either as we are not hungry.   Salad was the order of the day yesterday and it was such bliss washing the leaves and tomatoes in cold water...simple pleasures :D  But what to eat today....I have no idea.....

OH is out cutting hedges on the park and he has been plastered with sunscreen and sprayed liberally with insect repellant.  His eye, thankfully, is back to normal and we certainly don't want a repeat of the other Sunday.

Ice cubes (lots of ice cubes) are being frozen as we speak as they go into every glass of water we drink.  I keep telling myself to be grateful for the arrival of Summer at last.  It never lasts that long anyway, now does it.  I find sleeping difficult when I'm hot and sticky although a cool shower helped a little last night.

How do you cope with the heat?  Do you love or loathe it?

Have a lovely day wherever you happen to be x


  1. I arise very early about 4 a.m. and scuttle around the rooms, let the dog out for ten minutes, read my mails, pick the strawberries for breakfast at 9. 30. Visit Mrs H in the studio.
    We eat at 7pm today it will be hummus, cous cous, tomatoes, smoked salmon and crisp breads and dessert will be 3 rice cakes with honeyed tahini washed down with spring water. Then bed at 10.

  2. Crikey, HV, I struggle to open my eyes at 8am! Mind you, I don't have a dog to look after. Your meal sounds delicious and cool! although I wouldn't have the smoked salmon as I don't like the flavour of smoked anything and...yes...I need my bed by 10pm too :)