Thursday, 21 July 2016

School's out for Summer!

Today was my GD's last day at school before she moves to her new senior school.  I was invited to the school's farewell presentation as well as the church service afterwards and I was ok until they showed a film sequence of groups of children with their infant photo's superimposed below their current photo. When her's came up it was of GD standing on my lap aged about 9 or 10 months and beaming her lovely smile at the camera.  My eyes filled with tears and I joined the sobbing crowd of mums.  Actually they were tears of happiness at the lovely girl she has become and tears of hope that the world she is venturing out into will be safe and peaceful.  I pray it will be so....

God bless you all, wherever you may be x


  1. It's a special time, our oldest grandson moves to senior school this year.