Sunday, 24 July 2016

Kindness & 'Do More Good' Update

Some people are so very kind. A neighbour, whom I don't really know at all, heard that I make cards for charity and decided to pop this box into my porch.....

It is full to the brim with A4 sheets of good quality card suitable for my greeting card crafting!


 I am so grateful to A for thinking of me when she had a clear out.  It will keep my charity donations going for some considerable time, saving me money and enabling me to make even more items to sell at the Hospice shop.   We are hoping to have a party/fundraiser here too within the next couple of weeks so I am very busy making lots of items to sell on the day.
My phrase for this year is:           Do More Good
I started to make a list this morning of what has been donated to various charities up to now and so far:
  • A flat full of furniture to British Heart Foundation
  • Several bags of good quality clothing to the Hospice shop
  • 4 bags of 'rags', clean bedlinen etc to charity (which they can sell to raise funds)
  • £153 cash raised in memory of my dear FiL donated to H4H (he would have approved of that)
  • Lots of tiny knitted items donated to the Hospice Sale Table and another bag full ready to take
  • eBay for charity donations £1.15 to H4H
Just looking at the last entry is embarrassing :/   I will be concentrating on increasing the total by the end of the year.  It would be lovely to know how much money will be raised from the sale of the furniture too but I can't Gift Aid as my income is below the tax limit, so I'll never know.
It was still so very hot yesterday and I wasn't really hungry.  A rummage in the freezer found about half a sheet of puff pastry so I thawed it out, topped it with tomato puree, sliced spanish onion, sliced tomato and some grated cheese I had left over from another meal.  It was popped in a hot oven for just over 20 minutes.....

Ta dah! Not particularly healthy, but very tasty and half was just enough for lunch with a cup of coffee.  I ate the other half cold today as OH is at work.  Nothing wasted....

Has anyone else found anything strange about Blogger lately?  I used to be able to click on the little photos at the top to catch up with reading other blogs but it will no longer work.  The links just aren't there. And I have had more page views from Russia than anywhere else in the world!  Surely my waffle translates into boring prose for a Russian reader....

Ah well, thanks everso for popping in.  Have a lovely day wherever you are x

PS Yippee we have a bit of drizzle at last!!


  1. Hi Angie that was very generous of your neighbour, your charity donations are very generous also.
    That's my kind of quick and easy snack, you can do so many variations, I always snap up the puff pastry when it is reduced x

  2. I bulk make pizza bases and freeze them for days when i want a quick meal like you , I just freeze the uncooked dough xxx

  3. you to have the Russia experience , somewhat baffling and i cant even find where theyre referring from

    1. Me neither, Kate, it seems very strange, doesn't it.