Saturday, 2 July 2016

An Artisan and a Bargain Buy

When we went to Durham a couple of weeks ago we visited Durham University's Botanic Garden.  In one of the hothouses we found crafting demonstrations taking place and got talking to a lovely couple called Les and Viv Howe.  If you live in or around Durham you probably know of them as Les has been in the local press a few times.  He is a very talented artisan jewellery maker and Silversmith and has crafted gold and silver jewellery items for Her Majesty The Queen as well as the Bishop of Durham.  Fascinating to talk to, you can tell he takes his craft very seriously and I could have listened to him for hours.  OH was a patternmaker until made redundant at the age of 56 so they found they had a lot in common!  Les's wife Viv is an artist and papercrafter and she too was giving demo's as well as offering a workshop.  I didn't have my camera with me so I can't post photographs but I have Les's permission to give a list of the dates they will be at the Botanic Garden during 2016.  If you manage to see him please tell him that 'The Black Country Patternmaker' and his wife sent you!

If you click on the list it should expand for easier reading.....

Garden Bounty

As stormy weather has been forecast, I decided to dig up the remaining potatoes from my tub before they get drowned and hard to get out.  They have been weighed each time I pulled some for tea so I know that there has been a total of 2.4kg which is not a great deal but they are decidedly tasty.  Now what to put into the tub in their place?

The strawberry plants are doing amazingly well and I can pick enough each day to have as dessert with ice cream or to slice up on our cereal in a morning.  So far I am managing to beat the slugs to them!

A Bargain

When I popped into Debenhams in town I spotted this lovely little dress which was reduced from £11 to £8.80.  I had a £5 loyalty voucher so it cost me just £3.80.  It is currently winging it's way to my little GD in Australia.  I do love a bargain, don't you ? :)


Have a wonderful day, whatever you have planned and do be kind to each other x


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day out. I can't wait for home grown spuds, pretty dress xx

  2. You both made a real impression on both of my parents and they were both overwhelmed by your kindness. Jenx

    1. They are lovely people, Jen, thanks so much for being messenger! x