Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A Mozzie and a 55p Chicken

First of all a big welcome to my new follower Anne :)

My OH works weekends at the local 'You Can Do It' store.  Well, on Sunday he spent most of the day outside in the gardening department, busy selling and watering the plants, but when he came home in the afternoon this is the sight that met me when I let him in....aaarrrgghh!! The poor chap had been bitten on the eyelid by a mozzie.  He is not shutting his eye deliberately, he is totally unable to open it....

He is now on antihistamine and antibiotics and the swelling is slowly subsiding but it still looks as if he has been in a fight.
Anyway, yesterday I did the shopping in Mr M's as usual and was looking for some cooked chicken to make hubby a lunchtime sandwich.  Hubby discovered this at the hot food counter but how he spotted it with one eye is a mystery!


Even I had to do double-take when I looked at the price. Wow!  55p is amazing when the original price was £5!!  British chicken to boot. We never usually get such bargains as we shop on Monday mornings most weeks.  Poor hubby ate well deserved lovely chicken sandwiches for lunch and the rest of the meat has been taken off the bone and put aside for other meals:  chicken, veg and gravy tonight and curry tomorrow, I think. 

Have a lovely day everyone, whatever you have planned x


  1. Hope hubby is feeling better soon.

  2. Poor thing, hope he gets well soon, hubby and I were bitten by mozzies in Spain, the bites have just about gone. Well spotted with one eye, at least he had an eye for a bargain :-) (sorry terrible joke) x

    1. We both had a titter at the joke, Marlene, the old ones are the best! lol... ;)

  3. Oh my! I hope the swelling soon subsides and he's feeling much better soon. X

  4. Ouch, that looks awful but what a bargain chicken!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. He is much recovered now x