Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Washout Summer

I have no idea why I worried about the lack of water on my illicit veg whilst away. Apparently it poured down as, indeed, it did on our holiday!  We travelled north, staying near a market town called Richmond for a couple of nights in order to chop the journey into manageable portions then on up to Berwick Upon Tweed for 4 nights.  The campsite was called Seaview but a more appropriate name would have been Mistview because that's all we saw for most of the week!! Anyway, we returned home yesterday to a very lush garden.  My peas have shot up like rockets...

And there are some lovely peapods developing nicely.....

The lupins and lilies are gorgeous too...

And the strawberry plants have fruited and are only waiting for a bit of sunshine to ripen them.  I only hope I can beat the slugs to the luscious fruit.....

The only thing to have suffered from the torrential rain are the potatoes.  There is a big empty space in the middle as if a cat had been sitting on them and the leaves have been feasted on by slugs.  I will have a firtle around in the soil in a day or two to see what I can find....

A couple of days before we went away we had some very strange weather.  The rainspots began, then thunder and then hailstones.  Outside looked like a stream instead of a footpath. Who would believe it's Summer??

Thanks for popping in and I'm so glad you found me again, Jules, I've been having a similar problem with some of the blogs I follow too.  Peculiar :/


  1. Your flowers look absolutely gorgeous x

  2. I love your pots, for years I grew in pots, it's a great way to keep your garden looking good whilst growing all sorts.

  3. It's all looking lush and green. The Lupins (haven't seen any of those in years) and Lilies are beautiful. I do hope you were able to enjoy your time away despite the weather. X

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