Sunday, 27 December 2015

Yellow Stickers and Budget 2016

I hope you have all had a lovely couple of days.  We spent Christmas day at our DD's being looked after and fed lovely healthy Christmassy food!  Unlike other years, I didn't fill myself to bursting point though but ate a reasonable amount of nut roast, lovely veggies and roasties followed by a small portion of Christmas pud and custard.  I did, however manage to drink 4 flutes of Prosecco throughout the day as I wasn't driving :)

On Boxing Day they all came to us and I did salmon en croute with baby boiled potatoes and peas.  Tea was warm baguettes with cheeses and ham and lots of salad as we were sitting again :/  this time playing a game of monopoly which lasted around 3 hours! My GD hated spending her money even though it was monopoly money, I wonder who she takes

I had a good sound sleep last night for once and felt refreshed and in need of a walk of some sort this morning so, as we needed fresh bread for tomorrow anyway,  I went into town and decided to pop into Mr M's for it.  I really didn't expect there to be any yellow stickered food so was very surprised to see these.....

The trays of prepared carrot and parsnip normally retail at £2 per tray (HOW much?) so at 29p each I couldn't resist them.  One will be cooked tonight and served with the leftover pork for OH and veggie sausage for me, the other 2 are frozen for another day.  The trays will be washed and re-used for roasting veggies another time too.  The carrot and peas assortment was down to 29p from £1 and will be used tomorrow, the casserole veg down to 19p from 70p will be used to make a pot of soup.
Total original cost : £7.70 ....price paid £1.35 ! Yay!  I hope this is a sign of things to come in 2016.

When I came home I felt a bit peckish and suddenly realised it was almost 2 o'clock, so lunch next....a HM pizza base topped with leftover baby tomatoes and grated cheese served with a bit of leftover salad...tasty....

Someone had bought me a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for Christmas so I felt a bit naughty and opened it but only had a small glass to go with lunch....  :)

Actually, it was lucky I restrained myself as I decided to tot up the bills for 2015 and work out a new budget for 2016.  We have come within budget for 2015 so I have only put a small uplift on the figures for next year.  I have added a figure for dental bills this time as OH always seems to breaking a tooth or a filling lately.  3 o'clock on Christmas Eve saw me driving desperately to get him to the emergency dentist before they closed at 3.30pm for the holiday.  Our regular one was closed until 4th January and OH had a gaping hole in a back tooth after his filling fell out....again... paying £51.30 at the 11th hour was no joke :(  It might need taking out altogether in the new year so funds will be needed.....

Dear FiL is not so well today.  He was really tired on Christmas day although he did come to DD's with us but he declined an offer to go out yesterday and he sounds exhausted again today.  He has plenty of ready meals in the fridge and freezer so is ok for food.  93 is a big age, isn't it....

Enjoy your day and thanks everso for popping in x


  1. Hi Angie, sound like you had a lovely time, I have just come back from Mr M's I had a good result, We have also had great fun playing the board games. I have gone over the budget for next year, I think we are at as low as we can be, but I will look into it further, xx

  2. Another good haul, it makes sense to stock up when the opportunity is there. All my rock bottom bargains came from Mr T.

  3. You got some good bargains there, well done.