Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Thrifty Carrots, Warming Food and a Bargain Cake

When I did the food shopping yesterday I needed some carrots. When the weather turns cold I think about making soup, veggie casseroles and sausages with mash and gravy. Carrots are essential . There were some very pretty ones with lovely bright green fronds on the top but at £1 for 6 small carrots I left them on the shelf and bought these.....

They are certainly not pretty but they come from the UK and will taste delicious once cut up and cooked, one is broken but I will simply use that one first.  At 35p for 1kg...a bargain!

I also wanted to stock up with onions, another essential for hotpots. 1kg for 55p also UK grown...

I had a £5 Morrisons voucher from the loyalty card and used it to buy this lovely Christmas cake which was priced at exactly £5 and so FREE to me :)  I used to make my own cake but they are so rich that we usually eat a slice on Christmas or Boxing day and then have had enough. It's just not worth making one.  This one will be shared... half to my DD, a big slice to FiL and the rest for us two to add yet another inch to our waistbands ;)

Whilst waiting in the queue to pay, I discovered another coupon in my purse for £4 off a £40 shop.  I didn't think I would spend enough to use it but with a bottle of wine to add to the wine rack for Christmas, the cake and some cans of cider for DH (for which he paid me) I reached the target. The total came to £53.83 but I had coupons worth £10.80 making the final total £43.03. OH gave me the £5.80 he owed me bringing the shopping down to £37.23 I was really pleased with that as it included a large box of washing powder as well as some bits and pieces to stock the freezer up with.

A meal plan has been prepared for next week so I shouldn't need to buy much more, perhaps some bread and milk at the weekend.

Now that Mr M has changed the criteria for their loyalty cards I don't think I will be getting so many points, and vouchers will be few and far between.  Does anyone else have a card and do you think the new system will be better or worse?

Anyway, must dash as I need to take my little car for it's MOT.  It will cost £29 to get it done and I really hope it will not need any work.  It was treated to 2 new tyres not so long ago so I live in hope!  It rained heavily all last night so there should be no frost to scrape off the windscreen, thankfully.

Catch up later, have a great day x


  1. Some good buys in Morrisons, I have shopped there more since they started Match and More.

  2. Thats good value as the cheapest at Tesco are 50p for 1kg. We don't have a Morrisons within 20 miles so I'm stuck with Tesco

  3. Great value, I buy the cheapest veg too. I don't go to Morrison's often but do get the occasional voucher through the post x

  4. Carrots are my favourite vegetables