Monday, 23 November 2015

A Frosty Morning, A Birthday Cake, and Christmas Preparations

We have our first serious frost this morning, everything looks cold and sparkling and fresh.  It's lovely seeing it through the window from my warm living room but I need to go food shopping later on so I will definitely need to wrap up warmly.  I think I will leave it a while until the streets are aired :)

Since I last posted (crikey.... 3 weeks ago) I have been taking things a bit more slowly but I have bought and wrapped all my Christmas gifts, managing to buy things I know the recipients wanted and even having £3 left of my budget too, which is marvellous. There seems to be quite a lot but everything was bought at a discount from various stores....

On the 1st of November it was my birthday and I was really pleased to be given a voucher from Morrisons, along with my change, for a free bunch of flowers. I didn't spend it right away but waited until 2 weeks later when I felt a bit better.  I could choose something up to the value of £2 so I chose these.  They are still going strong after 9 days. Aren't they a lovely cheerful colour.....

I share my birthday with my son in law so DD invited me to Sunday lunch on the very day and brought out this...

The candle plays 'Happy Birthday' !! Now I have only ever had a birthday cake once before in my whole life so to have one at the age of 66 is wonderful, even if I did have to share was delicious too.....

There are just over 4 weeks left until Christmas so I need to get a wriggle on and finish making my Christmas cards, especially the ones which need to be posted.  They need to be tackled this week, I think.  I have made a start on giving the house an extra tidy too. The fridge/freezer has been turned off, defrosted, cleaned thoroughly and is now back on ready for the winter stores of food in case we get any snow.  My feet seem to go off in different directions the minute I try to walk in snow so I need to be prepared ( and, yes, I was a Girl Guide once!)

I am planning a giveaway in the next few days so watch this space...

Have a lovely day everyone x


  1. Cake looks amazing, have a safe shopping trip

  2. Happy belated birthday, mine was on the 10th so you are a Scorpio as well, my son had that cake for his birthday. Love flowers, lovely cheery colour, some of them seem to last really well these days, I had Carnations a few weeks back from Adsa and they lasted nearly two weeks.Was a really hard frost here this warming, keep well and warm , lol x

  3. Christmas is sneaking up on us, happy birthday for the 1st xxx

  4. The flowers are lovely and the cake looks very yummy. Picked up a few little thins for Christmas today. We are expecting a snow storm tomorrow and it is going to be quite cold all week.

    1. We lived in Ontario for a while way back in the 1980's and, boy, did it get cold by the middle of October. I don't envy you having snow :/
      Stay warm x