Saturday, 22 August 2015

Vintage Bargains and Fallen Fruit

I mentioned in my last post that I love browsing antique shops and markets as well as charity shops. Well, I also love the buzz of auctions and used to go quite a lot a few years ago.  I have always wanted a little vintage/antiques stand in a large shop, you know the kind of shop where you place your treasures for sale in a cabinet and someone else takes the money for any sales. This is because I feel a bit shy about manning my own stand you see....Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went to an auction for the first time in about 5 years and picked up these for a song....

And I bought these pieces of Poole Pottery in Tewkesbury....

I adore them all but know I can't really keep them as I am supposed to be

My income is too low to pay tax so I will try to sell them on to give me some funds for the C word.  Yes, it's the time of year when I start to make a list and begin my cards and homemade gifts!

Free fruit

In the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey is a beautiful old mulberry tree which is in fruit at this time of year. 

Someone had roped it off to prevent the fallen fruit being squashed underfoot and carried into the Abbey. Can you see a ladder? In the right hand corner is a large carrier enterprising lady was busy collecting bag after bag of the 'unwanted' fruit.  Well done her! I wonder if mulberry wine was in her mind? Mmmmm....

Does anyone else have access to such bounty?  We have no untended fruit trees near us, unfortunately, and the blackberries in the lane have been small and mis-shapen this year.  I wonder why....

I'm posting early today because I will shortly be off to a neighbour's house where she has erected an awning and is holding a MacMillan Coffee Morning to raise funds for the charity.  It poured with rain during the night so I hope it holds off for her for at least a couple of hours. Soggy cake is not so nice :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone, whatever you have planned x


  1. You are like me, I love browsing the charity shops, antiques and car boots.I have always dreamed of having a little antique shop, I am addicted to Flog it, Bargain Hunt, Put your money where your mouth is, Dickinsons Real Deal etc, you learn so much.Yes won't be long for the "C" word, time to get organised and plan ahead.
    Have a great weekend ,x

    1. I love all those programmes too, Marlene :) Brilliant aren't they x

  2. Budgets car park is my favourite scrumping point , cherry plums and cultivated brambles free, though the trolley boys look a bit baffled

    1. They will learn, Kate, they will learn! :)

  3. Those egg cups are particularly sweet - I can see why you picked them up. Mark and I are both complete charity shop addicts. He likes to find quirky and unusual books and I love the potential of finding ANYTHING exciting! Jx

    1. It's always the hope that something worth thousands will be lurking somewhere! x