Sunday, 23 August 2015

On Stretching Pennies And BIG Bangs

Hi to Jules, my new follower, a warm welcome :)

We had a lovely coffee morning yesterday and a lovely catch up with neighbours I rarely see from one week to the next.  I was really good and resisted eating any of the cake (insert a smiley with a halo) It all looked gorgeous too :(  Anyway, I came back to an empty house as OH was at work until 8pm.  What to do.....

Somehow the freezer seems to have emptied itself as has my purse, perhaps Gremlins came in the night for a feast?  I found 6 eggs, flour and milk in the fridge plus a solitary banana in the fruit bowl so decided to make some 'bulking' standbys to freeze for later.

I made Yorkshire puddings which are always great for filling a plate, some flatbreads which I use for snack pizza bases or to eat with curry, and some of Jack Monroe's banana pancakes (or drop scones).  I find the basic pancake mix a bit bland so added some vanilla essence, mixed spice and a few sultanas. The recipe made 12 but I had to try one didn't I in the interests of quality control :)  and I hadn't already eaten cake at the coffee morning despite watching others wolfing down such gorgeous sweet treats!

Once cold I boxed them all up, interleaving the flatbreads and the pancakes with baking parchment (from the pound shop) so that they will be easy to separate when I need them.

The boxes have filled the freezer up a bit making it work more efficiently.  Now I just need to make a proper food plan and a shopping list ready for Monday....

BIG Bangs

All afternoon I could hear the rumble of distant thunder.  I was eating my evening meal around 6pm when the rumble turned into bangs and flashes which were a bit too close for comfort so I dashed around switching off the TV and unplugging everything in sight, including the router, just in case.....Then there came a huge bang which almost lifted me off the sofa sending my adrenalin into overload. I HATE thunder and lightning when it's so close!  I soon realised that I had forgotten to turn off the washing machine which had been happily washing OH's mound of boxers and socks and the digital dial was blank....oh no....yep the power surge had blown the wiring in the machine.  Why the fuse didn't blow first is beyond me.  Looking at it this morning with the blackened wire and cabinet I am amazed there wasn't a fire.  I thank God for that. So my task for today is to research washing machines or washer/dryers which can be picked up tomorrow (I can't wait weeks for delivery)  Does anyone have any recommendations for reliable brands please?

Have a lovely day everyone x


  1. wow, that was close, it rumbled all night here which meant hound barked at it all night. we have used appliances online for next day delivery.

  2. How scary! As you say, the fuse should have blown, wonder why it didn't? We had quite a bit of thunder, couple of lightning flashes, not much rain, and it all only lasted about 20 mins late yesterday afternoon. All your baking looks good.

  3. Currys deliver next day for free if you order early enough, and their prices are competitive. Scary moment there.

  4. Hi Angie, good ideas for filling up the freezer, glad you are safe, shame about the washing machine :-( currys charge £20 for next day delivery, I ordered my cooker on Wednesday and it was delivered free on Friday. might be worth a look.

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  6. Being a domestic God not really my thing PP but we have an Indesit machine and seems pretty reliable.
    As for thunder n lightening storms I absolutely love em, the closer and louder the better walking in them is exhilarating to say the least. Must have been wide spread cause we had a belter over the village last night.

  7. I thought the storm was close at my brothers house in Somerset lastnight, but it was not as close as yours.

  8. Hope you get a machine sorted ASAP. No storms here on the east coast - shame I like a good storm

  9. Love the look of those flatbreads. Any chance of the recipe . Thanks