Monday, 17 August 2015

Chilly Mornings and Tewkesbury

Cor, I feel a bit like this, this morning.....
photo from Google
It was a lovely warm day yesterday but a clear sky meant that the temperature has plummeted during the night to a chilly 13 degrees this morning.  Is it still August? Or did I sleep like Sleeping Beauty and miss the Summer? Anyway, we have decided to have a couple of days away in the caravan....not too far away...Tewkesbury.... as I would like to see the Abbey once again.  I am fascinated by the history of the place and it's connection to Richard III.  There is also a good Wetherspoons pub within walking distance for a decent but cheap breakfast!  Always a draw....  :)
I probably won't have any internet access until we return but if anyone would like the bag I offered in the last post it's not too late, just yell, otherwise it will go to the CS.
I'll take my camera with me and show you the sights....
Until then, hugs...and thanks for popping in x


  1. Send some of that cool night air over here please. Across the pond it is definitely still summer. Over night low 70F or about 21C. I miss English weather!

    I thought you were very kind to offer the bag but give it to a CS someone will love it and it will help the CS.

    So how much does a decent but cheap breakfast cost these days in a Wetherspoons pub? I think some of your other overseas readers would be curious and a picture would be nice. Can't beat a full English can you?

    Take care.

  2. I hope you have a lovely break, it has become a little colder in the mornings but the sun is out today x

  3. Enjoy your break, hope the weather improves for you x

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  6. I love Tewkesbury, There used to be a lovely chip shop there, down a side street that leads to the river. We used to get our chips there then go and sit on the benches opposite the flour mill/ warehouse and watch the boats go by. Love the Abbey too.