Monday, 24 August 2015

A Success And A Tragedy

Firstly, a warm welcome to my new follower, Maggie2010 :)

Thanks so much to all those who left comments on my last post, they are very much appreciated.  It seems that some of you love thunderstorms but John is braver than me. Storm walking?  Argghh!

Well I mulled and dithered, researched and got ever more confused in my search for a new washing machine.  My last one was a washer/dryer but the drying bit stopped working after 2 years and it was cheaper to buy a basic tumble dryer, which I did, than to have it repaired. After reading the comments and researching  the various suppliers we ( the Royal 'we', of course as OH had little interest as long as his undies get washed ) drove to B & Q and picked up a basic little machine off the shelf. 

It's an Indesit Eco model costing the princely sum of £185.  It wouldn't be big enough for a family as it's capacity is 5kg and max 1000rpm spin but I am hoping it will serve it's purpose for a few years at least. It is A+ rated and has an Eco button with which to shorten some of the very lengthy programmes.  Fingers crossed it likes thunderstorms....

No sooner had we picked up the machine and done the food shop when I realised.....

I have lost my wedding ring 

The unfortunate part is that I don't actually know at which point I lost it or even if I was wearing it this morning.  After wearing it constantly for 43 years it just became part of me so that I never even felt it on my finger.  I only realised it had gone when I wiped my wet hands on a cloth in the car after packing in the shopping during a rain shower. I feel gutted. Bugger...

I do hope you are all having a much better day :(

Thanks so much for popping in x


  1. I do hope your ring possibly came off in the car when you wiped your hands. Fingers crossed it turns up for you. Much love. X

  2. Oh Angie I really feel for you, I thought I lost my engagement ring last year and I was gutted, but it turned up, it was my fault for getting p**sed the night before.

    The washing machine was a very good buy, xx

  3. Tis a shame about the ring PP, I hope that it turns up for you.
    That's my washing machine....oh no just checked ours is still there...but an excellent choice m'dear.

  4. I hope your ring is some where close just waiting for you to spot it, I would hate to lose mine after almost 30 years of wearing it.

  5. I do hope you can track down your wedding ring, you will be thinking and looking for it everywhere. I'll cross fingers for you

  6. Nice buy. I've had an Indesit before and it was very reliable.
    Hope you find your ring soon I remember when I lost mine, I could think of nothing but. I remember looking in the silliest places for it.

  7. Oh no, sorry about your wedding ring, you must feel like a piece of you is missing :( Hope you find it soon.

  8. I'm sorry your wedding ring has gone missing. Hopefully by the time you read this comment it will have turned up somewhere!

  9. Make sure you check in your shopping bags. I lost my engagement ring once while shopping on a wet day and I found it in one of my bags.

  10. Thank you, every single one of you, for your kind words and suggestions. I have looked everywhere, even in the pedal bin but so far.... nothing... I will keep looking and hoping x

  11. Oh no!! I hope that, by the time I write this, you have found your ring. Jx

  12. My daughter lost her engagement ring a couple of years ago - that turned up in the laundry as her hubby was loading the washing machine. They returned from a month long tour of Europe on Tuesday, and he had lost his wedding ring whilst swimming in Lake Garda! No chance of finding it and they had made their own rings whilst at Glastonbury a few years ago so it was a 'one-off' :(
    I hope you have more luck in finding yours.

    1. Oh what a shame to lose such a special ring. He must be devastated :(

  13. oh Im so sorry about your ring. I hope it turns up. x