Wednesday, 1 July 2015

On Quote Of The Month and Happiness

I turned over my calendar this morning and the quote of the month is this :

Happiness is not something ready made
It comes from our own actions
Dalai Lama
Now, although I  have great respect for this man, I am not sure that the above is the whole truth. Happiness can be affected by many things beyond our control, events in our lives and those of our families, for instance. We can't feel happy all of the time either, so I think a feeling of contentment is the feeling to aim for and then happiness will be a spontaneous reaction to something really special.
I have resisted posting about any world news, especially the horrific happenings in Tunisia because it makes me feel unhappy and very uneasy.  The news on TV makes me cry lately too so I watch just once a day to keep up and do not read newspapers.  Outside events are beyond my control so I have to just do my best for others and the planet in my own little space.  Personally, I think a better quote for me would be:
Happiness is a state of mind
Do you agree? Do you watch the news? or would you rather not know the worst?
On a lighter note, it seems that today will be a scorcher and, as you know, I don't do heat!  I thought I would leave you with an image to cool you off...

 photo from Google
Ahhh....that's better :)  How do you fare in the heat?  I know the lovely Pam from A New Life in Wales loves it, but not me.....
Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing, and thanks everso for popping in x


  1. I stay in side when the heat is high, I do burn easy, so working today is no problem for me. I like your post and agree the news is depressing, so it can be hard to be positive. Hope you found a cool spot.

  2. I so agree with you, aim for contentment and enjoy the times of happiness when they come along! As for the news, like you I watch it once a day, completely aghast at the suffering some poor folk are going through and bewildered by what drives some people to do such apalling things. I try to remember that most people are good and kind and to do my best for those around me.

  3. I aim to be contented and help people when I can. As for watching the news I don't or read the papers but I still seem to hear what's going on either by other people talking or seeing the headlines on the newspapers when I shop. It upsets me there is so much violence in the world and why can't people live together in harmony. I live in a very, very multi cultural area and by smiling and saying hello to people I feel so much better. I enjoy the heat because I know it is not going to last for long and also because I am now happily retired and live alone can please myself to a certain extent in what I do.
    Enjoy the day
    Hazel c uk

  4. Thank you for your replies, Marlene, Sue & Hazel, I am sure that good, kind people are in the majority and simply don't understand the mentality of the ones who commit these barbaric acts. It is depressing.. x

  5. Hi - Yes I agree with you aim for contentment. The shootings in Tunisia was terrible. I can't understand why people commit these terrible acts. Joan at