Monday, 20 July 2015

Earth Treasures and Wildlife

First, a big welcome to my new follower, Sue.  Thanks for joining the crew.

Yesterday dawned bright but damp after a night of heavy rain and I decided to have a rummage in my potato tub as the leaves have mostly yellowed and gone.  I found these.....woohoo!

 They weigh 2.12 kilos.  I'm quite pleased with that because I was unable to empty out the tub completely with it being far too heavy and I'm sure there will be more at the bottom of the tub. I got fed up with bailing the compost out with a flowerpot!  I will have to wait for OH to help me up-end it and find the last few little earth treasures.

OH spotted these on sale at work. They look a bit feeble but I will pop them into the pot afterwards and hope for some tender leeks later on. At this price it would be rude not to :-)

Well, you can't buy a single leek for 50p these days, can you......

I do have a crop failure...again...  :(
OH sowed some salad leaves seed for me a couple of weeks ago and they were coming up nicely but after our 3 days away I have come home to... zilch...virtually an empty pot.  Possibly due to being dry? Possibly due to cold nights? I really don't know as my gardening skills are, as I have said on many occasions, absolutely rubbish.  I will just have to try again, so that is my task for today.

I have no photos for you of the Cotswold trip because, numpty that I am, I forgot my camera.  Anyway, it was mostly rain and then more rain. The only nice day we had was last Wednesday when we took the opportunity to visit the Cotswold Wildlife Park which was right opposite the caravan park where we were staying.  It was lovely!  Take a look here:
The park is pristine with a varied collection of animals and birds who all look in perfect health and perfectly happy to boot.  The grounds and gardens are immaculate; a real joy to wander through and we spent a whole day there. The highlight for me was seeing Rhinos really close up. A baby was born in March this year and I got to see the whole family sleeping in the sun.  The enclosure is arranged so that you can see the animals from above and as they were within a few feet of the perimeter we got a really good look. Superb! Do try it if you are in the area....

Well, I must get a wriggle on.  I have eBay packages to wrap and seeds to sow :)

Thanks everso for popping in x

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  1. You cannot beat the taste of home grown potatoes :). My mum and dad have been in the Cotswolds all week, cannot wait to see them and catch up, along with seeing all their pictures xxx