Thursday, 4 June 2015

Freebies, Flab and a Glow in the Dark

When I did the shopping on Monday I saw these on offer at £1.49 a pack.  It's a pack containing 2 portions of fish and all I have to do is send the yellow 'Try Me Free' flash from the pack with a few words saying whether or not we liked them together with the receipt and my details then I will get my money back whether I liked them or not. Brilliant! Free food! (well, almost, as it cost me a second class stamp)  Very tasty they were too :)

Sue, from Our New Life in the Country,  has written an excellent post about using coupons which has reminded me that I have a few lurking about in my purse too.  I will investigate what is useable and let you know how I spend them.  Free stuff is always lovely :)

Speaking of free stuff, I won two free cinema tickets for last night to see the new film SPY which releases on Friday.  It's not a film I would have paid to see but I didn't want to waste the tickets so persuaded OH (not a film buff ) to come with me.  He treated us both to an ice cream ( a whopping £2.95 each ...aaarrggh) but I got talking to the young chap on the ice cream stand and he was lovely, filling our tubs to the brim as we chatted...slurp!  The film was actually laugh-out-loud funny in places although very gory in a slap stick way, with lots of American type verbal innuendo.  Far too many F words....but....we came out feeling happy and smiling so I was glad we went.

As the weather had been dull and dismal, I put off switching on the fairy lamp until last night.  Look!
It works! The photo is awful, taken on my tablet, but we have light! Yippee...

The weather today is lovely. It feels like Summer has arrived although we are told that it won't last.  Today, however, I am enjoying the feel of the sun on bare arms :) Don't worry though, that is all I will be baring!

I have decided that some of this winter flab has to go.  The older I get the harder it is to shift.  My cholesterol reducing diet is making no inroads at all into my surplus pounds so drastic action is called for.  I achieved my target weight with weightwatchers a few years ago but have gradually slipped back into my naughty ways.  I need to lose about 10 pounds.  I can't justify spending around £5 a week on classes as that would be 25% of my weekly 'pocket money' gone in a flash.  I would rather spend a bit more on healthy food.  Tomorrow I might splash a bit of cash on a WW mag though to inspire me and get me off to a good start.  I have done it before and can do it again....

Are there any WW members reading this?  What do you eat when you get a craving for something sweet?  Sometimes zero pro-points fruit just doesn't kill the craving for me. Any tips much appreciated.

Thanks everso for popping in x

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