Sunday, 28 June 2015

Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens & Royal Yacht Britannia

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.  I'm a day late with this one because I had visitors for most of yesterday and didn't get around to sitting down at the computer, or sitting down at all, in fact!
Anyway, the second leg of our holiday took us to Edinburgh and we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens, something we had wanted to do for ages.  Entrance is free and for a charge of £3.50 per person for seniors you could buy a ticket to visit the glasshouses too.  This lovely Victorian building is the entrance to them all.

Outside was a small building displaying Alpines and tiny plants clinging to the smallest crevices in the rock.  As you can see from G's red winter apparel and the glowering grey skies, the weather wasn't very warm. At least it was dry to wander round and enjoy all the plants.

Inside one of the glasshouses was the most amazing orchids. This one was just suspended in mid air and,  like the air plant surrounding it, it just takes it's moisture from the air. The colour was beautiful....

 As was this one....

Look at these fantastic lily pads which must have measured around 6 or 7 feet wide!

 Who would believe that they start life like this; a 12" spiky looking leaf....

We decided to visit the Royal Yacht Britannia too but it was difficult to get a proper shot of the Yacht where it was moored.  You can see how big it is from the tiny people on deck.  It cost around £8.50 each to go on board (I think... I actually forgot to write it down ) but it was worth every penny as we could visit every deck and lots of the Queen's possessions were still in place to admire and get a real feel for how things must have been on board.  We spent a good couple of hours on there....

Not least of which was a visit to the tea room.  This was mine...all mine...but £3.50 for a hot chocolate?

And £5 for a bowl of soup? :/  As it was waitress service we left £10 including the tip.  How the other half live, eh...

Anyway, I won't post any more pics today in case I lose even more followers!  But, like Arnie, I will be back...tomorrow...

I hope you are all having a super weekend. Today is lovely and cool and fresh and I aim to do lots of crafting whilst the house is quiet.  It seems that a heat wave is promised for the middle of next week so I must enjoy today.  I don't do heat :(

Thanks so much for popping in x


  1. Love your post, we live in the south so it's nice to see your local places of interest. As. For followers be yourself, they will slowly grow, I lose and then others follow so my figures are never static, it's nice to know people are ready your post.

  2. Thank you, Marlene, I don't take it to heart when people leave. I'm so glad you are enjoying my photos though x