Monday, 20 April 2015

On Speed Awareness & Great Crafting

If you recall, I was issued with a speeding fine a few weeks ago for being just over the 30mph speed limit on a road I am very familiar with.  I only had myself to blame; no other traffic about, no pedestrians and a lapse of concentration.  Anyhow, last week I attended the Speed Awareness course instead of taking a 3 point hit on my licence.  I have never had points in my life and don't want to start now.  I expected a classroom filled with 20 somethings but, out of a room full of 24 people, most were close to my age and quite a high percentage had been caught at the very same speed camera as me :/  Two were HGV drivers and one, a young lad who had passed his test within the last 2 years.

We were there for 4 hours and, surprisingly, the time passed very quickly.  I learned a lot, had a giggle and came home feeling that the course was worth every penny of the £85 I had paid.  It has been 46 years since I passed my test and the number and variety of road signs has more than doubled in that time.  I was given tips on staying alert, how to judge the speed limit of certain roads when there is no obvious road sign, and it was explained why it was imperative that people like us were targeted to take the course.  You would imagine that it ought to be the 'Speedy Gonzalez' type who should be pulled in but, apparently, it is the ones doing between 30 and 40 mph in a built up area who are most at risk of injuring a pedestrian.  I can't risk that, so concentration, distance between vehicles and allowing plenty of time for a journey is the order of the day.  I don't feel 'picked on', I feel educated.....

Has anyone else taken this type of course?  What did you think? Do you feel you learned something?

Changing the subject entirely,  I have found a great craft site where you can buy downloadable cards and where there are free verses and completed cards for inspiration.  There is also free bingo!  If I can work out how to add the link to my side bar I will but meanwhile here it is....

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!
Today is bright and sunny so I hope it lasts and that all my readers enjoy a great day wherever you are.  Thanks for dropping in x

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  1. I went on the speed awareness course and it was a day well spent. I didn't feel at all embarrassed at being there after the first few minutes.