Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Sunday & The NHS

First of all my heartfelt thanks go to all who commented on my last post with prayers and good wishes for my Sister and Brother-in-Law.  I spoke to my Sis again yesterday and although BiL is far from well he has had no major pain over the last week.  He is waiting to see a vascular surgeon next month and needs a heart scan (no appointment as yet :(  Why does it take so long, David Cameron?)  His appointment for his eye injection has been re-scheduled for the end of the month.  It's no pleasure getting old.....


Wishing you all a very happy Easter, whatever you are doing.
OH is at work all over the holiday, working for a big DiY chain where they are stocktaking today of all days when employees should be with their families :( The chain will be closing around 60 stores nationwide over the next year so it will be a bad year for many, I fear.
I spent yesterday spring cleaning but today will be spent relaxing, baking and crafting until OH comes home. I had a new craft mag delivered last Thursday so I can play with the free gifts!
Hoping you all have a lovely day x


  1. Have a lovely relaxing day x

  2. Enjoy your day, my step son works for the same company, and is away from his family as well.

    1. Oh dear, it's a booger, isn't it :-( Hope you have a lovely day too x

  3. Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying your relaxing day, and your new crafting magazine. :-)

  4. Good news... I hope that you had a nice, relaxing day yesterday and enjoyed the sun today. Jx