Monday, 19 January 2015

Teenage Mutant Parsnips & Enlightenment

A big welcome to my new follower John :)
Yesterday was cold but bright and sunny so I decided to enlist OH's help in prising the last of the home grown parsnips from their warm and cosy tub of compost.  I had almost forgotten about them but...waste not, want not, is my mantra....out they came.  Wow! some of them had got so bored with waiting to be pulled up that they have grown legs!  Now how that happened is a mystery.  They are in smooth compost, not garden soil so there can be no stones to navigate around.  Wanting to escape can be the only explanation :)  It's the first effort at growing parsnips but I have been very pleased with the results.  It will soon be time to decide what to grow this year.  We only have room for one tub of something and a potato bag so I must get my thinking cap on.  Any suggestions very welcome for easy to grow stuff which can be harvested over a number of weeks.  What can you gardening folks suggest please?
 A friend has emailed some photos of the most amazing sculptures from around the world.  This one is my favourite....
It's called Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York, USA.  I think it is absolutely stunning and would rather call it......Enlightenment... totally beautiful, absolutely amazing. What a talent.
Another one is this...

De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium.  It kind of reminds me of the way life can trip you up when you least expect it.....

Have a lovely day, folks, and do stay warm.

Thanks for popping in x


  1. Thank you for the welcome PP, most kind of you :)
    Being a 'trying' but very uneducated gardener your available space sounds quite a challenge. Is there anyway you could grow upwards i.e. on a wall perhaps with containers mounted upwards?

    1. No, John, we are not allowed to grow up a wall and our shed is plastic so it's difficult to fix anything to it. You have given me an idea though to perhaps use some kind of trellis fixed in the ground but *resting* on the shed wall...hmmmm... thank you for the idea....

  2. Love those Sculptures, I was thinking about growing a little something, like you we have little room.

  3. Watercress is good in a small pot of soil. You can treat it like a cut and come again crop. Like John said you can buy or even make pocket type things for a wall & grow all sorts of stuff in them. Salad leaves, strawberry's even!

    1. Oooh, I LOVE watercress and it is quite expensive in the shops. That will be one to try and we do have a couple of strawberry plants already set into small pots. Thank you!