Friday, 14 November 2014

How The Other Half Live & A Real Treat

We have spent the last few days having a combined treat for my special birthday and our wedding anniversary.  The place was Littlecote House Hotel in Berkshire, a Warner's hotel... the photo shows the old part at the rear of the hotel.  We have been a few times before over the years and I absolutely love the place because there is just so much history to investigate.  Parts of it pre-date Tudor times and it is the third most haunted house in Britain!

I couldn't believe our luck when we were able to book 4 nights in the brand new stable block conversion for LESS than half price! The room was sumptuous, there was no other word to describe it :)  In front of the comfy blue sofa was a large Smart TV too, not that we had much spare time to watch it as there was so much to do .....

The bathroom contained a lovely roll top bath with a very convenient table to put your glass of bubbly on (only kidding ;)

As well as a shower cubicle big enough for two! The photo doesn't do it justice.

I adored the exposed beams in the bedroom, not for everyone I know, but they were right up my street...

We were given some new towelling slippers to wear (not very glamorous with warm socks though! ) but although we were supposed to have complimentary bathrobes there were none.  Apparently the tumble dryer broke down...hmmm....a hotel in a large chain with 150 staff and NO bathrobes?  I would not have been best pleased had we paid full price but it really didn't matter a jot as things stood.

Anyway, I began to wonder if we might feel the presence of any of the ghostly beings but we encountered only three strange things:

1) the light bulbs kept popping.  Three of them failed and had to be replaced and one of the replacements started going on and off almost immediately.  Bear in mind that they were halogen bulbs with a 5 year guarantee and the rooms had only been converted 3 months previously....

2) on returning in the car from an afternoon out, I was about to lock the car up when the car radio switched itself on!  Now this has never happened in the 4 years I have owned it.  There was no-one in the car and a button has to be pressed on the radio to activate it....

3) in certain parts of the hotel (the oldest parts) my camera wouldn't lock on certain items, I just got a shimmer of light.  DH tried with his camera and got the same effect...oooh er...

Has anyone else encountered strange happenings in hotels?  Do tell!

I will post more tomorrow but for now,

thanks ever so for popping in x

PS We paid for our holiday and this review is totally unsolicited by the hotel group.  Opinions are solely my own and posted for my own amusement and, hopefully, the enjoyment of any readers.  Thanks.


  1. What a lovely break you had,one thing I dont want to do is to cut back on is days out and holidays, I think its so important , we just tighten are belts a bit, I believe in ghosts, those sort of places have a lot of history.

    1. I do think you need to spend happy times as a family. It's all about balance and not going into debt to do it. Regarding ghosts, I am open minded to the possibility.

  2. This looks lovely, just my kind of luxury break. Im pleased you had a nice time..if a little spooooky! ...