Saturday, 22 November 2014

Childish Pleasures

During the half term break I offered to look after the two GC while their mum was at work.  I always try to plan activities to keep us all occupied and to nip squabbles firmly in the bud and this time it was 'baking' well, actually, no bake cornflake cakes.  The eldest has an innate sense of fairness so the chocolate was divided very carefully into two equal portions and they were absorbed in melting, mixing and popping portions into paper cases for quite some time.  Result! No squabbles!  It took me back to when my two were small...happy days...
The next activity was crafting, which they both love.  After a quick beans on toast for lunch (the kids had to show me how to work the microwave (well it's different to mine!) some simple felt shapes were stitched and decorated with immense concentration and again....NO squabbles.  They each produced a penguin, a couple of stockings to hang on the tree and some quilled pictures. 

In no time at all, mum was back and I was amazed how quickly six and a half hours had gone.  It got me thinking that Nan has a much better time of it than working mum.  I can remember being far too busy to spend so much time with my own.  There were jobs to be done even in the holidays, washing, cooking, shopping.  How lucky am I now to be able to give the children all my attention.  THAT is my Small Treasure for today.

Thanks ever so for popping in x


  1. How lovely spending time together like that, I remember doing little things like that with our son, it seems like yesterday, my son is only 17 its gonna be a while before we are grandparents but I can't wait x

  2. You will love being a grandparent, Marlene, and it might seem a long way off now but the years fly x

  3. What a lovely day, planned activities are always nicer than sorting out squabbles. I love doing things with my grandaughter, I think she appreciates how special that time is x

    1. Isn't it lovely to make the most of spending time with her. She will remember those special times for life, Karen x