Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Life Can Be Mean

Another quick post today, I'm afraid, and it's a moan :(

Today we decided to have a day out. A one off. Something we don't normally do. So we took a trip to Worcester. Not for anything special, you understand, just a look around the shops and treat ourselves to a bit of lunch out.  It was lovely. Four whole hours of mooching and a lovely bowl of soup in Debenhams. At 4pm we set off home, a few miles to go, DH about to overtake another vehicle and clatter!  For a split second I saw Something in the middle of the road...a piece of wood...a piece of metal...I don't know...but we clipped it and with an almighty clatter it hit the underside of the vehicle.  Of course, DH pulled over as soon as possible  and all appeared well but as soon as we got home the oil light appeared on the dashboard.  I had only had it checked and the car MOT'd yesterday so I am gutted.

I have to be grateful that no-one was hurt but it's my little car, not posh, not expensive but mine and less than 4 years old. Damn and blast it (sorry for my profanity but I feel justified) We will have to look at it tomorrow as it's impossible to see anything in the dark. In the scheme of things it is a minor blip but booger it...grrr...

Do you sometimes feel that life has a go at you? That it will not let you sail along gently? 

Hope today has been kind to you dear reader.

Thanks ever so for popping in x


  1. Such bad luck about the car but glad you are both ok.

  2. What a blow and after such a nice day out - hope the news isn't too bad in the morning xx

  3. Things are always sent to try us, but the main thing is you are both ok, life is precious, hope the damage is not too major, take care x

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments but I'm afraid it's not looking good :(