Thursday, 27 November 2014

An Expensive Day

photo courtesy of Google
I'm afraid it is not good news regarding my little car.  The light of dawn showed a puddle of oil beneath my car and a hole the size of a 50p piece in the sump :(   It has been towed away for repair and I know that the recovery costs alone will be £60 to £70.  Heaven knows what the total bill will amount to.  I'm just so glad I was sufficiently organised this year to have bought all the Christmas gifts well ahead of time. What a blow. Still there are people having to cope with far worse things than that and no-one was hurt...that's the main thing.  At the moment we are car-less so it should be good for the waistline having to walk everywhere...


  1. Sorry to hear that Angie, what a bugger ! like you say at least you had the christmas gifts out of the way, it pays to be organised, take care, Marlene.x

  2. That's a shame but you're ok and that is what matters the most though (still a blow though) xxx