Friday, 5 September 2014

Strawberries and Autumn Resolutions

Hi Folks,
I had a pleasant surprise today when I had a browse around the garden. Now I do more browsing than gardening really, I am ashamed to say, but I think I mentioned that our strawberries had performed abysmally this year and we had no runners forming from which to propagate new plants.  Well look below! Ta..Daa!  Shortly after tidying up and pulling the old plants into a sunnier spot these runners seemed to appear from nowhere.  They were quickly pinned down and seem to be happily rooting themselves into the little pots.  Perhaps we will have 2 new plants next year after all.

Another Small Treasure had shown itself too...the tiny Hederifolium which is a sure sign that it's already September and Autumn is on it's way.

Preparing the Autumn Finances

Autumn brings a reminder to check the finances and ensure that we are on budget before the Winter and associated big spends set in.  You know the sort; heating, warm clothing, fuel for cooking hot meals (salads just don't cut the mustard in cold weather). 
We don't have unlimited broadband and we received the message that we were close to our broadband limit for August.  Now we are allowed 10GB per month and are usually well under 7GB of that allowance.  When I checked, however, we had used almost 9GB !  This is unheard of as we rarely watch downloaded films or anything. Then I read an article on Martin Lewis's  about Facebook using Autoplay for videos in the newsfeed.  I am convinced that is the culprit because I have caught these things playing on in the background and wondered what was going on.  I fiddled about within the 'settings' until I found where I could click autoplay to 'off''.  I did it both on the tablet and the PC so I'm hoping that has cured the problem. If you find your smartphone is eating data I suggest you check it out.  Loads of posters on MSE are adept at helping out technophobes like me.  Thank heavens for MSE, or we could have been hit with a bigger bill than expected.

The next thing to concentrate on is de-cluttering.  When we moved here it was from a 3 bedroomed detached house and we got rid of so much stuff to the charity shop it was unbelievable.  Things went into storage and were never really missed so we sold loads of them too and resolved never to hoard again. It's now time to have a sort out.  Excess books to charity, old clothes and magazines to the recycling, that sort of thing.


I have read about this from other bloggers and the minimalist ethic appeals to me.  I must find out more....Has anyone reading here done it?  How hard is it?

In the next day or two there will be a giveaway.  Do come back to find out what it is ;-)

Thanks for popping in x


  1. we were lucky as we have an alpine strawberry plant in our little garden, I have took some runners off and repotted to make more plants for next year, I must also have a declutter sometime.

    1. I always need a prod to de-clutter then I'm like a maniac! Bag after bag to the charity shop. Well done on the strawberries.

  2. were just about to do the garden preparations for Autumn, I wonder what we will find? and yes the Facebook thing was eating my memory too so i switched it off, haven't done it on PC though so will. thanks for that. Im very interested in project 333 but am yet to make any headway ! good luck and keep us updated..