Saturday, 13 September 2014

Virol and a Slippery Slope

Hi Folks,

Does anyone remember Virol? You know the stuff...thick, sticky and sweet given to you on a spoon when you were a kid?  I used to love it. Mum gave it to me on a daily basis after I had my tonsils out at the age of 5 and became very thin.  Well I came across this photo on the internet

Photo courtesy of
Market Lavington Museum

Yuk! It has taken me 60 years to realise that it contained bone marrow!  From which animal, I ask you?  It could well have set me off on a lifetime of weight watching.  I don't like eating meat or meat products now, did it set me off down the path to vegetarianism?  I blame the Government of the day for all the hype which convinced my mother to buy it! I feel traumatised......

Dear reader, you do realise that this is tongue in cheek don' t you....:-)

Thanks for popping in x